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Crash Reports For bugs that crash, hang, or otherwise prevent all further progress in the game. Other Reports A repository of bug reports that were duplicates, weren't bugs, no longer apply, or that we weren't able to reproduce.
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1) Check the other posts in the category to see if the bug has already been reported. Post in that thread if you have new details to provide. "Like" the original post in the thread if you've experienced the bug so that…

2 September 27, 2016
About the Bug Reports category 1 June 8, 2016
Double bye into online ranked grand finals 1 June 25, 2019
DeGray Ghost Texture Bug 3 June 25, 2019
DeGrey animation streaks don't take character color into account 3 June 13, 2019
Controller mapped to the wrong player on internet game 1 June 22, 2019
Shadow Boss Valerie loses shadow texture during hitstop 2 June 19, 2019
Player Profile Totals Daily Challenge Scores 2 June 19, 2019
Solo survival gets interrupted by casual Q matchmaking 2 June 19, 2019
Entered multiple times to the same Ranked tournament 2 June 19, 2019
Tidazi's Desync Logs 4 June 15, 2019
Rook takes 3 damage from Grave super against super 2 June 15, 2019
Ranked match starts with wrong character and instantly desyncs 1 June 4, 2019
V0.9698 Setsuki is headless (on Mac) 16 October 6, 2017
Upon attaining Master Rank, the Rank Symbol Continually Looped 2 May 31, 2019
Valerie's Knockdown Animation Causes Wrong Positioning 2 May 31, 2019
Character colors in causual match dont load when game starts while solo game is loading 1 May 26, 2019
B+C super macro input one button at a time during online super flash 1 May 24, 2019
Grave's jB Does Not Juggle in Specific Circumstance 1 May 23, 2019
[Linux] Crash when steam input per-game setting is "Forced Off", after using Big Picture mode 1 May 22, 2019
Errors and inconsistencies in Arcade story intro/outro 4 May 22, 2019
Geiger disappears at beginning of Phase Out 1 May 22, 2019
Valerie's Teeth Clip Through Her Cheek When She "Has an Ideeeeeeeeaaaa!" 1 May 21, 2019
When Spectating a Friend Match, Spectator Loses Connection Every Rematch 1 May 19, 2019
When Spectating a Friend Match, the Player I Did Not Choose to Spectate Showed as a Dummy Character 1 May 19, 2019
Pressing Ready After Online Match During Screen Transition Sent Me to CPU Match 1 May 19, 2019
Lum jB streaks sticking out in the wrong directions online 1 May 16, 2019
Inconsistent Wall Bounces with Tyrant Crusher 3 May 12, 2019
Arg River Goldfish does not do chip if you jump over the wave 2 May 9, 2019
Black screen in the beginning of a ranked match 2 May 7, 2019