Fantasy Strike MatchUp Chart


Yo to cancel out cwheezy’s numbers I’d like to raise rook vs geiger to 9-1 and rook vs jaina to 9-1 (rook favor)


I understand that you are joking, but don’t make my life harder than it needs to be, some people might actually do that.


rook vs setsuki I am 100% confident in


That Rook vs Grave number. How? My approach to the MU must be fundamentally broken.


I play Grave mostly, but not too experienced judging matchups from memory. The only uneven matchup I’ve noticed in my (single-digit hours of) playtime is 3-7 vs Geiger, but Geiger is also easily my worst character, I’m so bad as him.


If your numbers are correct, the balance is pretty crappy.


I don’t really trust these match-up numbers. As anecdotal evidence, I have faced a couple of strong Rook players that made the Geiger Rook match-up feel like Rook-favored or even. I also fear strong Valerie players as Geiger.

For what it is worth, Sirlin thinks that Jaina Geiger matchup is slightly Jaina favored. His comment on the matchup from Discord: “It feels slightly Jaina favored to me. I picked Jaina on purpose to face LPN’s Geiger in the tournament, heh. Basically you have to slowly grind out that match. Between air c, air super, and b. Make it do enough to stay ahead of the time stop damage he will deal”.

Sirlin has also stated multiple times that he doesn’t understand why everyone thinks Geiger is so top tier. I don’t really care enough about match-up numbers to argue about this. I’m just saying, that most of us probably aren’t strong enough and haven’t played the game enough against other strong players, that we could get reliable match-up numbers. Fantasy Strike is a very new game, still in developments and has a small playerbase. Having said that, have fun with further discussions on match-up numbers :slight_smile:


Confuses me that Geiger-Setsuki is listed as Setsuki’s worst matchup. I would think that is setsuki’s best non-mirror matchup


Geiger’s B stops Jaina’s easily as its recovery is faster, so I don’t understand how you are supposed to stay ahead.


I suppose if you had the time you could charge Jaina’s fire arrow to level 2.


Sirlin’s comment speaks to that: Jaina can throw Air C and Air S as well, which geiger can’t duff out w/ gears as easily.


I don’t speak to the game as a whole, I am only talking about Rook. Also, a lot more work is being done to just get the game made, balance is on the bottom in terms of what to worry about

tbh I am kind of annoyed that the numbers I gave were not used. Rook vs Setsuki is the easiest match in the game I think. If any setsuki wants to challenge me they can


Are there even any good Setsuki players?


@vengefulpickle air Cs have a set range he can just stay out of, while air Supers can be evaded with Geiger’s air B or just blocked, it takes time to charge it back anyway.

I understand that it’s Sirlin and he probably knows what he’s talking about, but I don’t see it one bit.

@CWheezy we already had Rook’s numbers, so I had to do an average. The reason I didn’t use 9-1s is that they are too one-sided. I’ll belive it’s an 8-2 if more people seem to think the same, but 9-1s are basically impossible. As long as she has 1 single tool to get an hard read with, it’s less one-sided than 9-1.


9-1s are not impossible

CWheezy’s Rook is far, far, far superior to any other I’ve played. That doesn’t mean he can’t possibly be wrong, but it’s gotta count for something. There’s no way I would average a better player’s opinion with worse ones

I mean, he said he’s 100% confident about the Rook VS Setsuki thing. That’s pretty confident

P.S. I think Grave is even or slightly advantaged against everyone. Best char in game IMO


I’d be happy to fight CWheezy’s Rook as Setsuki at some point, although things might be a bit shaky due to distance. At the very least, I might learn something that no other Rook I’ve fought against seems to be aware of! Personal experience suggests that, as Setsuki, Rook is easier to fight than Geiger or Grave. I would currently give Setsuki vs Rook a 5-5 myself.

Also, I’m going to drop my Geiger vs Setsuki down to 6-4. For now I’m scoring Setsuki vs:

Geiger, Grave, Valerie: 4-6
Rook, Jaina: 5
DeGrey(?): 5.5-4.5 (* more of a guess, not much experience fighting other DeGreys)
Midori: 6-4


We finally got all MUs covered, we little discussion though.


Discussing a difference of 1-2 is doable, but 5-5 to 9-1 is such a disparity that it can only mean either all the Rooks I’ve ever fought as Setsuki have a fundamentally flawed approach to the matchup, or vice versa is true for CWheezy.

Unfortunately, when I play Rook and go up against other Setsukis, they do a lot of things I would most definitely not do in the matchup.


His numbers in the Grave vs Rook MU seem weird too, I would really like to know more about it.


In summary: @CWheezy please put some match footage up on YouTube or Twitch or something. I would like to be a better Rook. Please and thank you.