What current fighting game is best to get into after playing Fantasy Strike?


Street Fighter 5 is probably the easiest to get into, as long as you don’t choose a character that has difficult combos, you can get away with a not doing a whole lot of time in training mode. Personally I would suggest Zangief, as I find him having very easy and his combos always end up in LK, Lariat anyway. He does, however, have 360 motions that might be difficoult to get into doing efficiently.

I would also reccomend Dhalsim, and skip his low to the ground instant air flame attack from your movelist, until you get the hang of the game enough.

Both of these characters have matchups you will end up hating, and especially in the beginning, will just concede to losing before the game starts, but thats the life of a beginner at fighting games.

Games to stay away from, in no particular order:
Tekken, Marvel, Guilty Gear, Smash, any anime-airdash game.


What about Dead or Alive? On one hand it is 3d, like Tekken so not great for transition, but on the other it seems simple with relatively short combos, so good for transition.

What’s your opinion?


I think you shouldn’t play it at all, for every other reason :wink: