Will / Can this game come to the Nintendo Switch?

I have a Switch now. Is this still a thing? My computer sucks so not really a possibility of playing on there.


Soon! They’re still targeting Q1 2019 and making every effort to get to console release ASAP


Anyone know if there’s going to be an update on this? Latest Nindies had no special announcement (I was secretly holding out hope), I recently tried Blade Strangers on Switch b/c I’m INSATIABLY HUNGRY for a good 2d fighter on Switch, and its fine but after having played Fantasy Strike I just went downstairs and fired up my dusty PC instead b/c I really wanted to play! I could play all the time when this is on Switch! I have Nintendo eShop credit already in my account for this + a Nintendo Online membership!

Please ship the game so I can give you more money!!! (Or at least tell me it’ll be 3/6/9 more months so I can set my expectations appropriately)

(I know I’m being whiny and shipping is hard. I don’t ship a lot of independent projects so I’m not much to talk. I just so want to play this game on my switch)


Based on previous estimated release windows and the fact that they haven’t been met, I think the most accurate thing anyone could say is “it will be ready when it is ready”.

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July 25th, I’ll be buying a switch copy for myself, my bro, and my dodgeball homie that’s into fighting games! Sale price of $15 at launch and I’ll get it for somebody else too!

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Hype af here, too. Do we have confirmation that the switch version will be on sale? Even though the steam sale will still be going on, I’m not certain the other platforms will be on sale.

Not that I’m complaining, $20 is more than fair.

Also, a question for anyone that knows: will online play for the switch version require a Nintendo online subscription?

No I have no idea what the switch or PS4 price will be, launch or otherwise, merely speculating / nudging that it would be awesome to launch w/ a small sale to boost player base :slight_smile:

I suspect online play will require Nintendo online, though I am curious as well.

FWIW if you have amazon prime, you have twitch prime, and if you have twitch prime you can get a year of Nintendo Online for free

I can’t wait! I’m getting it as soon as it’s available! I need to because my bandwidth isn’t very large, so to maximize my play time, I need to download it as soon as possible.

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I’m flying the evening of the 25th so I super hope it comes out in the AM and I can DL it for my flight!


Right there with you. I have Thursdays off from work. It will kill me if I need to sit around all day NOT playing the game, only for it to come out at night and have to go back to work on Friday. First world problems, I suppose.


Well a bit of a bummer to have the Switch version launching at $30, really would have loved to gift copies to a couple friends, tougher to convince friends at the “premium indie” price point :confused:

Still super hyped to play it myself on Switch though, just hoping more people take the plunge and try it!

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You can also pre-purchase and pre-download on the Switch now in preparation for your flight!

Yup, already done :slight_smile: Had a $50 eShop GC loaded in my account in anticipation, offering to paypal my FB friends $10 if they buy as well (would have loved the game to launch at $15 so ppl would have jumped right in to try it, but c’est la vie, I get why you’d price it at $30 on consoles)

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it’s going to be 30 on steam as well

Oh interesting. Well I really hope the game sells well and the number of online players explodes! I’m concerned at that price point it won’t bring bodies into matchmaking the way I was hoping though :confused: