Fantasy Strike MatchUp Chart


@M.Dango I’m not sure what waltz is, but his own Super kind of is a free way out of Valerie’s.

Also I’ve added your numbers and now Geiger has 3 7-3s. Oh boy.

@mysticjuicer Actually it turns out that if you block the first hit of a block string, the rest is blocked automatically. So you basically just have to block correctly her first jB, which you kind of know it’s coming otherwise she’ll walk you out of her Super.

About the 50/50s you do have a point, but the reason I consider it Rook’s is that he has initiative: if he doesn’t commit to the 50/50, he can punish her jB on reaction with C (or even throw if his reactions are good) and obviously he can punish doing nothing as well.

Besides, the Super remains that main factor in that MU imo.

@Laudandus did you just say that Rook has a 7-3 advantage against Geiger? Because if so, there must be something we don’t know.


My experience with both sides of the matchup is that it feels very bad for Geiger. Rook can jump over gears pretty much with impunity because he can mixup his trajectory with either jump -> airplane move or jump -> thwomp to adjust momentum. If Geiger doesn’t throw gears it’s obviously good for Rook. I don’t see how Geiger wins unless people are failing to jump over gears and randomly taking damage from fullscreen


Geiger can position himself behind the projectile and aa with C, also his Super allows him to get out of anything Rook tries to do, allowing him to zone through the stage once again and building back another Super.

I’ve gotta be honest, the Rook - Geiger MU is known to be terrible for Rook. Now I understand having different opitions, but spinning a 3-7 to 7-3 is kinda weird!


He can’t AA with C unless you try to jump over the gear at C range. If he moves forward he can’t AA with C anymore, and if he doesn’t move forward Rook can move back a bit, jump the gear, and mixup thwomp (knockdown at danger range) or not thwomp -> pressure Geiger jump.

Geiger can get out with super but that isn’t that helpful because he can’t hit Rook and fullscreen doesn’t do anything


I’ve gotta say, that’s not too bad of a point.

Let’s ask @CWheezy that plays both characters.


The point you’re both missing is the part where Geiger j.A beats everything rook does in the air except super.


In my opinion that requires quite a specific spacing and timing read. If you jump a bit too early Rook gets pressure as you land and if you jump a bit too late Rook jA will stuff you


@SaSSolino I was referring to his Super. You can punish it with >A.


I’m specifically talking about unblocked air Super.


She gets good damage, but it’s harder to hit with than Rook’s, and to get max damage she needs to end with a BB, which again is punishable by Rook’s own Super even when cancelled in retreat.

Also unless she hits with a super conditional 7 damage combo (in which case she deserves the round), her 5 damage are still less impactful to the round than Rook’s 3 damage.

@M.Dango that’s very good to know, I wasn’t aware. I’ll lab it soon, thanks.


You’re crazy if you think Rook vs Geiger is in Rook’s favor.


shrugs Agree to disagree, I guess.


Also put me down for Rook vs Grave being awful. Just awful.


I’d have to check to be sure, but I thought Geiger fA worked as an anti-air as well.


I does, it requires some timing though and it might trade. Still, doing the early drop puts Rook in Geiger’s fA range.


I don’t think Rook vs Geiger is that bad personally. Not as bad as vs Grave, and especially not vs Jaina. Grave (because wind) and Jaina (because blot out the sun) pose more of a threat at range as they’re a lot more capable of wearing down Rook with chip damage.

Gears aren’t that much of a threat, and Geiger is limited in how often he can throw them if Rook keeps on thwomping. Throwing a gear is a risk in itself for Geiger.

I could believe a 6-4 either way so I’m going to sit on the fence and stick with 5-5 for now until I see more from that matchup.


The early drop beats fA clean. Geiger actually can jump in on it, but that’s a huge risk and not possible to do reactively


Let’s get DeGrey matchups filled out a little.

Geiger’s not unfavored I don’t think. Maybe 5-5, but I’m not good enough to rule out other possibilities.

Not a lot of experience vs Grave, but there’s no extreme advantage either way.

Setsuki is tough for him. Both of them can put pressure on the other, but Setsuki starts hers better, and has tighter block strings and frame traps. Kunai really hurts DeGrey because he can’t ground super reversal. I’d say 3-7, maybe 4-6 with some tech, or more matchup knowledge.


My rook matchup chart:
Rook vs Jaina: 1-9

Rook vs Geiger: 3 - 7

Rook vs Degrey: 3 - 7

Rook vs Midori: 4.5 - 5.5

Rook vs Grave: 5.5 - 4.5

Rook vs Valerie: 7 - 3

Rook vs Setsuki: 9 - 1


Grave vs Setsuki is the only MU missing numbers. More discussion is welcomed for the other MUs too.

@Lordfive Added your numbers. The last one as a 4-6 as you didn’t seem too sure.

@CWheezy I added your numbers to the average, but toned them down as 9-1s are a little too extreme. I’ve gotta say though, if your numbers are correct then he needs a design rework.